Every day is a new day with new possibilities awaiting. Find yourself and you’ll find your path and purpose that leads to adventure” Chris T Atkinson Inspirational Motivational Life Purpose Quote
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Perhaps you think its too late to find your life purpose because you are over 60 and retired? Or because you are already well into a set career path.. But the fact is we can always change direction. And we can always find and walk in our life purpose whether we are kids, teenagers or adults no matter what age or stage we find ourselves in..

For example… It is well known that at age 31, J.K Rowling was a depressed single mum living on welfare in the United Kingdom. Yet she went on to publish the wildly successful Harry Potter book and movie series. And was in 2004 listed by Forbes as the first billionaire author. She through the years sharing much of her wealth with those less fortunate through charitable work.

And these examples also listed below:

  1. Sam Walton who opened his first Walmart store at the age off 44.
  2. Henri Nestle created powdered milk for babies at age 53 and at age 56 was selling Nestle products throughout the U.S.
  3. Colonel Harland Sanders whose early years were spent as an insurance salesman, petrol station operator and numerous other jobs along the way until in the great depression he started selling his secret recipe for fried chicken. Sanders who at age 65 was reliant on a $105-a-month Social Security check then launched out and incorporated Kentucky Fried Chicken and started driving his 1946 Ford across the country signing up new franchisees along the way. The rest is history..
  4. And then we have the biblical hero of ancient history Moses. Moses who was 80 years young at both the time of the Burning Bush (when he had a spiritual encounter with God) and when he met with Pharaoh. Moses boldly sharing the vision and message God had given him with the Israelite’s. The message that they didn’t need to continue living as slaves in Egypt because God had a promised land for them to live. A new land flowing with milk and honey where their heart would sing and find fulfillment living their life purpose if they would follow him there.
  5. And there are many more examples that I could add to this list…

So no matter how young or more advanced in years we are, it is never too late to find and live out our life purpose, calling and mission in life. For the only thing needed to find and live our life purpose is having a flexible heart and attitude which is willing to try new things and begin new paths..

Because the truth is you right now are probably perfectly positioned to work out what really matters to you and what you want in life. That said, here are 3 helpful tips to get you started on your journey to your own promised land flowing with adventure, purpose and blessing:-

1.Have The Right Mindset

The first thing to do is to declutter your mind of all the preconceptions others have put there about what is and isn’t possible. No matter what your age, you can always choose to make your life different.

Society tends to bundle anyone over a certain age into the beige cardigan, stay-at-home, cautious slot but you certainly don’t have to accept that. Warren Buffett is eighty-eight years old and still one of the most successful business people. Picasso didn’t retire into senescence but painted until he dropped aged ninety-two. Look around you and see that some of the most energetic, passionate people are older than the conventional retirement age.

2.Figure Out Your Heart’s Desire

Do some work really to find out what you want. Take the money and social expectations out of the equation and dream big. Do you want to sail around the world? Lead art tours of Europe? Branch out into art or writing or wellness? Become a yoga teacher. Learn an instrument or join a choir. Do some brainstorming and work out what makes your heart sing.

3.Create A Plan And Strategize

Approach this as you have many times before as a project. That is good advice for anyone, but the advantage of age and experience is that you know what to do. Having worked out your big goal, sit down and work out what you need to get there.

What skills do you already have? What training or courses might you need? Whether it’s writing that novel, starting a new business, or retraining for a new career, take the time to plot out a plan of action and a timeframe. Set some milestones and allocate resources and then go for it!

No matter what your age, taking the time to sit back and find your life’s purpose has been shown to have real benefits for people’s mental and physical health. Purposeful adults live longer and healthier lives and deal better with stress, whether it’s a career change, a new passion, or sharing your life skills through volunteering.

Yes and always remember..

Every day is a new day with new possibilities awaiting. Find yourself and you’ll find your path and purpose that leads to adventure”

Live Like the Master

Chris T Atkinson

Chris T Atkinson
Chris T Atkinson

Chris T Atkinson, is the Founder of Chris Atkinson.org Australia’s #1 Goal Achievement Coaching Groups Network.. He is a Creative Artist, Educational Entrepreneur and Goal Achievement Coach whose Mission is to Empower over 1 Million People to "Live Like The Master" by Achieving Their God Given Goals and Dreams!..