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Many of us feel trapped by our day to day schedules and responsibilities. Much like a rat on a never ending treadmill of blahness.. So to deal with this lack of purpose in our lives we tend to operate on autopilot and ignore the warning lights on the car dashboard of our lives.. The warning lights such as the “Fuel Tank Warning Light” of our heart, that if acknowledged by us, can help us to measure where our heart really is at, in life..

Yes our hearts..

..Healthy or sick?..

..Full or empty?

..Light or dark?

Because the last thing we want to do, is ignore the “Fuel Tank Warning Light” of our heart telling us it’s time to fill up if we are to finish strong on our journey. Because if we continue to ignore these warning lights, day after day, until days turn into years. We may just run out of fuel and end up stranded on the side of the life’s road, empty, angry and unfilfilled..

But the Good news is there is a better way, if we pay attention to the “Pain Clue Warning Lights” of our hearts.. And if we then take the necessary actions to enjoy our journey on the great highway of life. And with that goal in mind, here are “5 Warning Lights and Clues” we need to pay attention to:

1.You’re Thinking About It

Dreaming about a different job, a different home, a different anything probably means you should take the time and steps to make that thought a reality.

2.You’re Totally Bored or Overwhelmed

Is your job or day-to-day life utterly tedious or completely overwhelming? Neither is good for your health. Consider what steps you need to take to either make your day more exciting or to bring it down a notch or two into the tolerable territory.

3.You Need to Strengthen Your Weak Points

Are you racking up gold stars in all of the areas you know you are good at, but still have weak points that you can’t seem to improve on? If this is the case, you should consider what changes you should make that will force you to overcome these weaknesses. This may mean taking on a new project at work or maybe looking for a new job entirely.

4.You’re Not Feeling Valued or Loved

Spending your days working hard only to feel like no one notices is a buzz-kill. Don’t allow your self-worth to be dictated by others in this manner. Start making changes to either show others that they should be showing appreciation or look for work (or friends) that will show their appreciation for you. Yes go where you are celebrated not where you’re tolerated..

5.No Joy In Your Life

Everyone needs joy in their life. If there is absolutely nothing in your day, at home, or at work, that is sparking joy for you then you need to find the joy. This may be starting a gratitude journal to realize what good exists in your day, or it is time to look for work or passion projects that will allow you to spark joy in your own life.

We all need Change at different points of our lives. Because if we stop flowing with change and growing in our personal development, we risk becoming like a stagnant stale river whose water turns putrid and eventually dries up. Why? Because our hearts need healthy positive change and challenges to grow. Just as a river needs the fresh intake of living, clean water that flows fresh from the heavens and mountains above.

So I encourage you to still your mind and heart long enough to examine your life in light of the above 5 “Warning Signs and Clues”.. And then if you need to take actions to change, then do so starting today!

Yes always remember..

Don’t allow this world’s noise to silence your guiding inner voice”

Life Like The Master

Chris T Atkinson

Chris T Atkinson
Chris T Atkinson

Chris T Atkinson, is the Founder of Chris Australia’s #1 Goal Achievement Coaching Groups Network.. He is a Creative Artist, Educational Entrepreneur and Goal Achievement Coach whose Mission is to Empower over 1 Million People to "Live Like The Master" by Achieving Their God Given Goals and Dreams!..