"Tough people outlast tough times and become ‘better’ not ‘bitter’ because they live purpose filled lives" Chris T Atkinson life purpose quote

Sometimes in our lives, a very difficult situation may arise, when we are least expecting it. I mean one day life is flowing along nicely, you’re happy, your career or studies are going well, you’ve found your calling (aka life purpose) and things are pretty good! But then bam out of nowhere perhaps you or a family member gets sick, you’re fired from your job or you break up with your partner. Whatever happens, it’s hits you hard without warning and suddenly you’re fighting to find your way back into the light.

So how do you keep pursuing your life purpose and calling when it’s a major challenge just to keep yourself from sinking into the depths of despair? Well here are three simple things to do to get back on top of things, stay afloat and flow in the current of your life purpose.

1.Streamline Your Life

Take some time out to analyze all the activities that are taking your time and energy. Eliminate as many things as possible that are energy sappers, or that don’t honor your calling. If there’s something in your life that feels like an obligation or is something you dread, don’t do it!

Focus on the crucial things, the things that you must do, and then the things you want to do. Keep focused on your calling; it shouldn’t be a luxury or an obligation. 

2.Maintain Your Self-Awareness

If you’re having a tough time, it’s imperative that you don’t give up your power. And your power lies in how you respond to situations. Take some time to notice how you’re feeling; what emotions are coming up. Acknowledge them. You’ll likely feel angry, hurt, even scared. And that’s natural and a normal response to stress. But you don’t have to stay there.

You can choose to feel helpless or vulnerable and lash out and blame others for your situation. Or you can decide how you will react. What attitude will you choose to take? Look outside yourself and see how the way you respond and behave will influence your friends, family, and colleagues. Will you be an inspiration and a helper, or a doomsayer and energy vampire?

3.Choose To Align With What Makes You Happy

Choosing to be happy in the face of adversity is not irresponsible or foolish. It is part of taking control of the situation and choosing not to be crushed by it. Keep your energy high and make space for the things that make you happy. Studies have shown that having a life purpose can help you deal better with stress and increase your resilience. So your calling and life purpose should be front and center, no matter what else is happening in your life.

And always remember..

Tough people outlast tough times and become ‘better’ not ‘bitter’ because they live purpose filled lives.

That’s You, yes YOU! 🙂

Live Like The Master

Chris T Atkinson

Chris T Atkinson
Chris T Atkinson

Chris T Atkinson, is the Founder of Chris Atkinson.org Australia’s #1 Goal Achievement Coaching Groups Network.. He is a Creative Artist, Educational Entrepreneur and Goal Achievement Coach whose Mission is to Empower over 1 Million People to "Live Like The Master" by Achieving Their God Given Goals and Dreams!..